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There is great variation in the physical demands required to compete in different sports. There can be a huge variance in the time an event may take, from the explosive single action of the shot put, to the hours of repetitive movements ultra endurance events may take.

The primary energy systems required can also vary, ranging from the highly aerobic sport of triathlon, to the anaerobic demands of the 100m sprint, and the multitude of sports in between which require a combination of energy systems.

Because of the different demands in strength, speed and endurance that is placed on athletes from different sports, it is not possible to have one type of training program that will fit everyone.

While we specialize in tennis strength and conditioning, we write specific training programs for athletes of all sports. Our staff has the education and practical experience to give you the competitive edge that you are looking for.

The foundation of our performance enhancement program is based on functional strength and power development. As an athlete, you demand excellence from yourself, your coaches and your training regimen. At Man of Steele Sports, we understand those expectations and we deliver excellence.

If you’d like even more access to Paul Steele and his personal training advice via Skype, sign up for the One on One Consulting or One on One Consulting Plus membership plan.


Dr. Allen Fox - Author, Coach, USA Davis Cup player, NCAA Champion

“I have known Paul Steele since he was a high-ranking junior tennis player. He earned All-American honors at BYU and served as my assistant coach at Pepperdine University. Paul is a gentleman of the highest moral character – honest, hard-working, intelligent, organized, and totally reliable and trustworthy. His tennis knowledge is of the highest order, and when Paul speaks, players of all levels listen.”

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